Tuesday, June 26, 2018

facebook integration is broken

Salutations internet readers.

I write to tell you that our single sign-on integration with Facebook is presently broken. I mean -- I think it's broken. Mostly I just assume it's broken. I haven't actually tried it in awhile. But, since I haven't written a post or done any development for the best dot-com on the damn web in basically forever, I pretty much assume it's broken.

We have no plans of fixing the probably-broken Facebook single-sign-on for now. I've been told that Facebook is the devil, and that they steal your 1's and 0's and scatter them across the interwebs haphazardly. So, we do not feel bad about having a probably-broken integration with them.

Thanks for reading.

Please subscribe. Or ... follow us. Or ... ... What is it that people do to blogs exactly?

Oh yeah.

Nothing. ... they do nothing. Keep on doing nothing, my faithful and unfaithful readers.

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