Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shocking Clickbait Discovery Alert! What will happen to the internet of computers?

Based on scientific research, in conjunction with the artificially intelligent computing resources at the Google company, we have discovered a shocking discovery about the future of the internet of computers.

Whereas computers and internet have been in fashion as of late, recent research indicates that these things are ultimately doomed. More doomed than frogs, which will also have their day.

As the graph above clearly indicates, computers (shown in A COLOR) and internet (shown in A DIFFERENT COLOR) had their heyday between 1985 and 2005. However, these great technologies are now on the decline!

Based on our accurate scientific projections, we believe that internet will end in 2025. Computers are currently projected to end later (2052). But, we may reasonably estimate their rate of demise to increase when they become sad no longer being able to talk to each other on the internet. This could possibly accelerate their final demise to within a few years of the end of the internet.

The threat is real.

The pointless dot-com will survive, of course, because it is the transcendent dot-com, living more in our hearts and minds that on internets and computers. But, the rest of the dot-coms are doomed!!!

And what about Duke Nukem! What will he do!?

What will you do without internet and computers?!

Do you think our projection is accurate? (It is.)

(Leave your comments below.)

Please remember. Don't panic. (Do panic.) Think clearly. Rationally. Throw a chair. Save the internet.

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