Wednesday, October 27, 2010

continuing pointlessness

Sitting back in my swivel chair, I took a moment to ponder the nature of Though I am the author, sole developer, and the "we" you've all heard about, the site is as much a mystery to us (me) as anyone else. At times, it seems to be even more of a mystery to us than to anyone else. And, still sitting back in our chair a bit, we had to question whether the website was truly pointless. What is it about the site that makes it true to its name?  (aside from the simple fact that it's a .com, like twitter or facebook)

Sparing you the philosophy, failed religions, and bloody battle scenes, we've come to the following conclusion:

We're winging it. Aware that any solid aspirations of pointlessness might constitute a point, we do little to avoid making points. We do equally little to make points, of course.

To be clear, it's not our avoidance of a point that makes it pointless. That would be a pretty glaring point; it's really that the whole thing is just an ongoing accident. The site isn't what it is because we planned it that way. It just happens ... and it keeps happening, by no real preconceived intentions or forethoughts.

Most importantly, Santa Clause.

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