Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the truth about thanksgiving turkey

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it is important that all Americans know the truth about Thanksgiving turkeys:
This is a Thanksgiving turkey. Turkies are large reptiles that only live on farms. They were brought to America by John Smith on his boat for the Indians on Thanksgiving Day. They are yummy. Turkey is not and never was a country.
Here are some more facts about turkeys:
  • Turkeys have exactly four feathers as depicted above.
  • Turkeys, like most reptiles, have gills.
  • Turkeys are known to have at least one wing.
  • Turkeys often have their heads chopped off for fun.
  • Turkeys always lean forward, as shown in the above photograph.
  • Turkeys are composed of black and white lines.
If you do not believe what I say about turkeys, you are wrong.

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